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- Its all-in-one action against all signs of ageing.

- Its complex containing hyaluronic acid for intensely hydrated and plumped up skin.

- Its smooth creamy texture that becomes as fine as a serum upon application.


"I wanted to create an anti-ageing product with exceptional powers so every woman may rest assured that her skin will be flawless and young-looking, regardless of her age.

Throughout my quest for the Holy Grail, I remained convinced that miraculous resources were hidden away under the cover of eternal snow. I chose to use Snow Algae, a unique active ingredient with unrivalled properties that can bring the biological clock to a stop. To preserve its mighty power, I drew inspiration from the savoir-faire of the greatest jewellers, namely from the art of stone setting. Snow Algae is kept locked away, as if in a jewellery box, until it is brought into contact with the skin. Only then is it released from its casing to blend perfectly into the skin."


The main active ingredient
Snow Algae: On the highest peaks above the glaciers, in a place unspoiled by man, Snow Algae survives where other life is scarce. It nestles deep beneath the snow to withstand the most extreme conditions on Earth, taking advantage of the cold to bring its biological clock to a standstill. This algae has the exceptional ability to create longevity molecules that are able to ward off the signs of passing time and preserve the skin's youthfulness.

Complementary active ingredients
- Vitamins (B3, E, and C) to brighten the complexion, protect against free radicals and even out skin texture
- Hyaluronic acid, combined with glycerin, for a moisturising and plumping effect
- Powdered optical blurring agents for a perfect matte finish and refined skin texture

To preserve the full effectiveness of Snow Algae, Galénic's Master formulator developed a tailor-made galenic structure called Cristal Fusion.  This unique star-shaped structure locks in Snow Alga until it comes into contact with the skin, whose warmth causes the cream to melt, unleashing a veritable cascade of sensations.


An immaculate white cream with a fine and smooth texture, like a snowflake, and a discreet floral bouquet of lily of the valley, rose and blackcurrant flower.

How to use

Apply in the morning and evening to the face, neck and neckline. 

Avoid contact with eyes

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