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"I wanted to create a care product that instantly gave every woman flawless skin, regardless of her age.

To create this perfect formula, I drew inspiration from a scientific discovery pertaining to the healing power of blue-green algae poultices for the treatment of wounds. I observed their healing power and conducted countless laboratory experiments to develop a stable and well-tolerated active ingredient endowed with the skin-repairing qualities of this algae. To preserve their mighty power, I incorporated this ingredient into a mimetic formula that ensures that the blue-green algae penetrates perfectly and rapidly into the heart of the cells."


The main active ingredient
Absolute extract of blue-green algae, a powerful, exclusive and patented anti-wrinkle agent.

Complementary active ingredients
- "Camouflaging" micro-capsules to blur and mitigate skin blemishes
- Soft focus powders to reduce shine and smooth the skin surface
- Glycolic acid to tighten the pores and refine the skin texture

Galénic's Master formulator invented a galenic texture that gives rise to a double transformation: it first acts as a smoothing emulsion, then shrouds the skin in a veil of light, leaving a powdery feel. Instantly flawless skin.


A blue-tinted cream that turns to beige, leaving a powdery veil on the skin for an even complexion, scented with notes of watermelon, aniseed, jasmine and sandalwood.

How to use

Apply to the face in the morning, alone or after your day cream for greater comfort.

Avoid contact with eyes

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